June 27, 2013

The only thing worse than the NBA season ending, is the end of the NBA draft. As I soak in my sorrows over the end of the season, I reflect upon all the fashletes – A Fashionable Athlete – (thank you Jrich for that word) that made their debut into the big leagues tonight.

First impressions are everything, especially in the fashion world. I decided to have my own NBA Fashion Draft. Here are my top 3 picks (keep these guys on your fashion radar):

1. Victor Oladipo (#2 Overall – First Round- Orlando Magic)

Not only am I an Oladipo fan because he went to Orlando, but check out his Google Glasses! Victor definitely knows how to make a fashion statement. The “A Light Beyond Appearance” (ALBA Legacy) custom suit doesn’t hurt either…

(NBA Twitter)

2. Nerlens Noel ( #6 Overall – First Round – New Orleans Pelicans)* (So weird typing “pelicans”)

Nerlens Noel is just the total swag package. How many people do you know with the name Nerlens? He’s just too cool. He’s probably one of the only modern day athletes that can pull-off the flat top fro (which he got cut at Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop in Harlem, N.Y.).

The sewn in college jersey’s was a staple at the draft this year, and I love the way his Kentucky White and Blue complimented his new Pelican Navy. Just seems right.

And last but certainly NOT least…

3. Trey Burke (#9 Overall – First Round – Timberwolves then traded to Utah Jazz)

Woo hoo! Finally some style candy for west coast fans. It has been said that Trey Burke wasn’t the hottest name in the draft, but could be the best player.

Regardless of his skills on the court, the kid’s got style on the sidelines.

GQ recently did a photo shoot with Burke and named him their number 1 style pick for the draft this year.

You can watch a behind the scenes of his shoot here.

Who were your NBA Draft 2013 fashion picks?

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